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Our Office 

General Pediatrics

We offer the complete spectrum of general pediatrics.

General office hours

You can't plan illness! If your child falls sick and you want to see your pediatrician, please call us. If there's a vacancy in our schedule, we will gladly offer you an appointment the same day. If not, your child of course can be seen nevertheless. The staff will tell you, when it is best to come and the entire team will try to keep waiting as short as possible. How long you will have to wait in the office really depends on the number of walk-in patients that day an if any severe, maybe life threatening emergencies occur / come in.


For check ups, please always make an appointment! Complete exams do require sufficient time!

Please bring the yellow medical record book (gelbes Vorsorgeheft), if applicable the green and white additional record book and your child's international vaccination certificate and, if applicable, the letter and reply-form you got from the Landesamt für Soziale Dienste to every check up.

The second neonatal check up U2 (3rd to 10th .day of life) we offer to be performed at home as a special service to the young parents and the neonate. The staff will ask you several questions, when you request the visit, to ensure top range medical care for your baby during the visit. The additional care of an experienced midwife is also very advisable.

Besides the regular children's Check Ups U2, U3, U4, U5, U6, U7, U7a, U8, U9 and the adolescent Check Up J1 we also offer the additional Check-Ups U10 (7-8 ys., primary school Check), U11 (9-10 ys., school kids Check) and J2 (14-16 ys., second adolescent Check Up, as well as yearly Check Ups on request, .

Currently the public insurances cover the Ceck-Ups U1-U9 & J1. Most private Insurance companies cover yearly Check Ups at least until the age of 12. Some general Insurances refund additional Check Ups and some offer it generally by extra contracts with qualified pediatricians. If interested, please contact your insurance company on this matter.

The Website by Prof. M. Hermanussen MD PhD offers an automated device for parents to check on their child's growth and thriving as well as the neurological development. Selected questions from the Munich functional development test (siehe auch page on development tests, ) are asked, when 90% of the infant control cohort resp. 95% of the toddler were tested positive for the item.


Vaccinations are the most effective method of preventing diseases in infancy, childhood, adolescence and throughout adult life. We offer all recommended vaccinations and most travel vaccinations according to the actual schedule by the vaccination committee (StiKo) at the Robert Koch Institute an (, We gladly check the parent's vaccination certificates too and perform due refresher vaccinations - there is no office fee for publicly insured patients for vaccinations. For non-german patients, we hold information on most vaccines in English, Turkish and Russian language. A leaflet (in German only) gives a good overview on which vaccination is recommended at what time. If ever possible, please make an appointment for the vaccinations.

Development Controls

In addition to the general Check Up exams, it can be advisable to pay attention to specific areas of development in your child. We offer a range of different standardized tests (see page development tests) for detailed diagnostic procedures, that are applied according to the child's age and the area to be tested.

Travel medicine

We offer qualified travel medicine advise and travel vaccinations. (see page travel medicine)


Diagnosis and treatment of some conditions require the skills of a specialist. In this case, we would refer you to one. We closely collaborate with specialists in all fields (pediatric cardiology, pediatric pulmonology, pediatric neurologist, pediatric gastroenterologist, pediatric and adolescent psychiatrist and - psychologist, pediatric orthopedic surgeon, ophthamologist, dermatologist, peadiatric dentist etc.). We offer the special field of pediatric Endocrinology (disturbances of hormones, see page Endocrinology) and Neonatology (disorders in the Newborn).

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