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Kinderarzt-Praxis 23558 Lübeck - Dr. Esther M. Nitsche - Kinderendokrinologie

Development Tests

We perform the following test, which may be applied partially or in total, depending on the focus of the examination:

age groupTest
1 – 19 months


AIMS Alberta infant motor scale (Piper) for monitoring statomotor development 

1 – 24 months


Griffith development scale (Brandt, Sticker) in 4 subscales motor-, social-, listening- and speech-development and eye to hand are evaluated

0 – 3 ys.


Münchener functional development test (Hellbrügge) evaluation creeping-, sitting-, walking- grabbing-, perception-, speech- (active and understanding) and social development.

0 – 4 ys


development grids (Kiphardt) evaluates visual perception, acoustic perception, speech, motor skills and fine motor skills


0 – 6 ys.


Denver Test (Flehmig) tests 4 areas independently: social skill development, language development, fine motor skills, statomotor skills similar to the Kiphard grids, except this test is valid until early school age


 3 – 6 ysSSV Speech test for pre school children
 5 – 14 ys LOS Lincoln Oretzky Scale for assessment of gross and fine motor skills
 4 – 10 ys CMM Columbia mental maturity scale (Burgemeister)
3 – 14 ys

 Man drawing test (Ziller, revised by Brosat & Toetemeyer) is used to evaluate the fine motor skills and perception of the child

 >8 ys

House Tree Person Test (Buck, Warren) evaluates self- and environment perception

4 – 9 ys.


FDTV Frostig development test of visual perception (Frostig, Lockowandt), german versiojn


5 ½ - 7 ys.

VSRT visumotor school competence test (Esser, Stöhr)


 2nd to 4th grade primary school


TPK concentration test – german version (Kurth, Büttner) uses writing-, memory- and calculus-tasks for evaluation (in German language)

5 – 14 ys.


KTK (Schilling) Body control test - for gross motor development

9 - 60 ys.

d2 attentiveness challenge test (Brickenkamp) - independent of language skills! 





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