Kinder- & Jugendärzte im Netz

Ihre Haus- & Fachärzte von der Geburt bis zum vollendeten 18. Lebensjahr


Dr. Gudrun Jacobi, Fachärztin für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin, 70174 Stuttgart

Our services

Apart from the usual range of services found at a paediatric surgery (care of acute cases, medical check-ups, vaccination, consultation), we offer the following examinations as well:

  • medical examination of newborn babies (U2)
    as a non-resident doctor at the ´Charlottenhaus` or on a home visit
  • medical check-ups for young people
  • medical examinations for health and safety protection at the workplace
  • IGeL (medical services not covered by health plans and paid for by the patient), e.g.,
    - special nutritional guidance
    - advice on travel medication
    - medical examination for sport
    -  certificates of health, special development diagnostics, etc.
  • allergy diagnosis and hyposensitization
  • ultrasound
  • hearing and eye tests
  • ECG electrocardiogram
  • neuropaediatrics
  • epileptology (newborn babies, children and adolescents)
  • headache consultation-hour
  • advice on and treatment of attentiveness disorders
  • coaching, psychotherapy and behavioural training
  • relaxation through self-hypnosis
  • EEG electroencephalogram - measurement of brain wave activity
  • evoked potentials acoustic and sensitive
  • EMG electromyogram
  • nerve conduction studies

Consultation in:
French and



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